Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and just like every other holiday, I like to be prepared. Now to be real with your for a second, this holiday has never been a favorite of mine. I love sooo many other holidays more but I do love an excuse to break out my pink handbag & eat fun candies!

I don’t wear red (I know, weird) but I did put together some outfits ideas for you that include so many options for a V-Day theme! Lots of pieces full of pink, red and plenty of hearts! So you know the deal.. check them out below! If you want to know more about the piece, click on any of the images for the source!

Valentine’s Day Inspired Tops

Valentine’s Day Inspired Bottoms

Valentine’s Day Inspired Accessories


Thanks again for reading! I hope that these pieces have inspired you to have a wonderful holiday! Click on any of the images above for the link! For more posts like this one, check out my Style or Lifestyle pages!

xo, Kerri