St. Louis Travel Diary

Beer, baseball and tourist attractions. That is what this week was all about. I wanted to be able to fully experience what St Louis was all about and with my mom and her family being from St. Louis, it was finally time for me to get a sense of the history in this fun city. We managed to pack this trip with almost anything and everything you can do in St. Louis.


Saint Louis Zoo

We started this week ‘vacation’ off at the Saint Louis Zoo. It is one of the best zoo’s in the country and I was excited to see what they all have to offer. The facility is so clean and well organized that it was easy to get through the whole zoo in a couple of hours. Unfortunately, the penguin exhibit was under construction so I was not able to see them but almost ever other animal was out and ready to mingle with all of the guests. One of my favorites was the elephant exhibit. One of the mother elephants had a baby and the little one was in full force.

This zoo is definitely one you should see if you are ever in town. It is great for people of all ages and will sure keep you busy. Plus it has free admission! Basically a win-win in my book!

st louis zoo

st louis zoo

Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Next on the list of tourist attractions that I wanted to see would be the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. This facility was very impressive. I was in awe of everything they had to offer. The tour was well organized, easy to follow and very informative. You even get 2 beers to test from!! The first beer is a tester size, you get a choice between Budweiser and Bud Light and you get it near the beginning of the tour. The second beer is at the end of the tour and you get to choose between the 30 different beers on tap.

The Gateway Arch

This was definitely a great experience. I loved every bit of the arch and the history involved. The Arch is such an incredible structure and it was so much fun learning the history. There is a museum inside (well under ground) which goes through time and you can get into a small pod and ride up to the top of the arch. I rode the pod and let me tell you… it was an experience. It you are claustrophobic at all, do not ride. The tight space is crammed with about 6 people (and it is really only comfortable for 2) and it take forever to get to the top. It feels like you are never going to make it up there. But all in all, it was worth it in the end because the views were just amazing.

Busch Stadium

As a family we have a rule that whenever we go to a new city, we check out all the sports teams and see if any of our teams are playing in town. When we were in St Louis, the Pirates were playing the Cardinals so of course we got some tickets and went to the game. It was my first time at this stadium and I must say that it was pretty awesome. It is definitely worth going to a game. The community around the stadium is a lot of fun and there are plenty of places for food and drinks in and around the stadium.

st louis st louis


Toasted Ravioli Penne @ Landry’s Seafood

Whenever you are in St. Louis, you have to get the toasted raviolis. They are know for this dish and it is simply the best. And you will notice when you are checking out the menus, they are toasted raviolis one everything but you need to get them.

Rootbeer @ Fitz’s

Fitz’s is know for their rootbeer. It is a fun┬árestaurant and they have a bunch of specialty sodas including the rootbeer.

st louis

Sprinkle Donut @ The Donut Palace

I hope that you enjoyed this travel diary and that it helped you with your next trip to St. Louis. For more travel diaries like this one, check out my Travel Page. You can also check out my Pinterest Page for tips & travel guides.

xo, Kerri