Happy first day of spring! With the weather warming up, I have been on a search for some new swimsuits. Unfortunately for someone who has skin issues (fair skin, skin cancer problems), this can be a very difficult task. It is also hard to get motivated to shop for swimsuits and summer clothes with all this crazy weather. It has been so cold and rainy lately. I am ready for the warm weather!

Anyways, I began my search. I started online then went in store when I could to try things on. I have a longer torso so finding a one-piece can be very difficult. Also, finding swimsuits with a reasonable price is harder than I thought. Luckily, J.Crew offers a couple of swimsuits with a long torso option.

Here are my favorite swimsuits for this swimsuit season.


Click any of the images above to get the details!

So far, I think I am leaning toward the long sleeve one piece from J.Crew or the black ruffled one-piece. Although, that paisley v-neck is really speaking to me! What do you think? I am really digging the one-pieces right now.

And as crazy as it might seem, in my experience right now is the best time to buy swimsuits. There are so many sales going on and you want to make sure you get the style & size you want before they are all sold out.

xo, Kerri