September Songs | New Playlist on Spotify with Kerri Dice

Happy September! Since it is the first of the month… Y’all know what time it is! NEW PLAYLIST TIME! Yes I know… I think I might be more excited than y’all but I truly love searching for new music every month to share with everyone. With everything going on with Harvey (the hurricane that hit Texas) and the crazy weather here on the east coast, this month’s playlist is a bit “moody” for a lack of better words. Basically I am all over the place but I hope you still like some of the songs!

And as usual, we will have a song of the month and this months playlist. Be sure to check them out below & have a listen!


So a friend actually told me about this song and as soon as I listened to it for the first time I was in awe. Demi Lovato tore it down with this track. Her goals are seriously amazing. Make sure you turn it all the way up when you listen… trust me on that!


September Playlist

Just a reminder though, you can check me out on Spotify & see all of the new playlists each month that I have put together and see all the artists & music I follow. You can see that here: Kerri Dice on Spotify. Or you can see all of my posts about music here: Music with Kerri Dice. I am also putting together a 2017 playlist which is a compilation of all the songs from every month. Check it out here: 2017 Playlist

Thanks again for listening y’all! If you have any suggestions or a song you think I need to listen to, leave a comment below! I would love to hear it and hopefully add it to the next playlist!

xo, Kerri