March Music | New Music on Spotify with Kerri Dice

Happy March everyone! A new month means new music! I have to say that this has been super fun for me! I hope y’all have been enjoying all the playlist posts every month.

This month seemed to be extra fun since there were quite a few albums “dropping” in the past couple weeks. Ed Sheehan & Future both dropped albums and they are totally awesome.  I am also totally digging the song of the month. I am a big fan of The Chainsmokers & Coldplay so I was pleased to hear they were collaborating on a new song.

Check out my song of the month below and this months playlist.



Just a reminder though, you can check me out on Spotify & see all of the new playlists each month that I have put together and see all the artists & music I follow. You can see that here: Kerri Dice on Spotify. Or you can see all of my posts about music here: Music with Kerri Dice. I am also putting together a 2017 playlist which is a compilation of all the songs from every month. Check it out here: 2017 Playlist

Thanks again for listening y’all! If you have any suggestions or a song you think I need to listen to, leave a comment below! I would love to hear it and hopefully add it to the next one!

xo, Kerri