Kerri Update

Hey guys! I felt like an update was needed after the crazy week that I had. It has been a crazy, crazy week for kerri

Let me first start by saying I am sorry for any inconvenience with my site being down. Unfortunately a hacker accessed my hosting account and got a hold of all of the websites that we enlisted. The hacked installed some malware onto the sites and when we tried to delete the malware, the hacker got mad and corrupted the whole site.

Since the hacked corrupted the sites, I ended up losing everything that was previously on the site. I have tried to get everything back on but I was unsuccessful. So over the past couple days, I have been updating the site & trying to get back some content! It may take me another week but please know that I am trying.

The good news is that since I lost everything, I will be adding a bunch of new content + pictures + styled shoots! So be on the look out, or subscribe to my newsletter for updates! Thank you for all your patience.

xo, Kerri

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