February’s Greatest Hits | New Playlist on Spotify with Kerri Dice

Okay guys, lets have a lil chat! I have been doing the monthly playlists for a year now and it has been a blast! Like I love adding a new playlist every month but my Spotify is getting a bit crazy with all of these playlists! So this is what I am gonna do from now on. Instead of having a monthly playlist and then the yearly playlist, we are just gonna keep the yearly and I am going to add all the new songs to that playlist. So this year it will be: Best of 2018.

I am still going to do a song of the month, maybe do a couple songs or an album of the month that gets released but everything will just be in that yearly playlist.

It will make it a bit easier on you too! This way you just have to follow one playlist a yearly and not have to worry about missing a playlist or a post on here!

So check out the new music below!


To be honest, I really wanted a Justin Timberlake song to be the song of the song but it was last months and if you peep below, I might have gone a bit overboard. So this is this months “song of the month.” Don’t get me wrong… I totally love this song too! I think it is great!


I do not think I have to explain why this song is the album of the month, but for those who really want to know why? Justin Timberlake, thats why. I was a little skeptical at first with this album but it is really growing on me. I think “Say Something” & “Midnight Summer Jam” might be some of my favorites.


Best of 2018 Playlist

Just a reminder though, you can check me out on Spotify & see all of my playlists that I have put together and see all the artists & music I follow. You can see that here: Kerri Dice on Spotify. Or you can see all of my posts about music here: Music with Kerri Dice.

Thanks again for listening y’all! If you have any suggestions or a song you think I need to listen to, leave a comment below! I would love to hear it and hopefully add it to the next one!

xo, Kerri