5 Things Every Successful Person Does Before Bed

If your nightly routine consists of binge-watching episodes on Netflix while chugging a bottle of wine then this might be a sign for you to change up your nightly routine. It might be time for an update… me included.

I am totally guilt of this. And sometimes after a long day of work or at home, binge-watching & wine is just what the doctor prescribed. But on a daily basis, it might not be something you really should be doing cause NEW FLASH… successful people do not do this when its time to unwind at night.

5 Things Every Successful Person Does Before Bed

So you might be thinking… “What should I be doing at night in order to get a good nights rest & full prepare myself for the next day?” Well I have the perfect checklist for you. Here are 5 things every successful person does before bed.

  1. Unplug // This is something that I have been struggling with for a while. It was one of my New Years resolutions and I still haven’t been able to master. But seriously. We all need to learn how to unplug. And during the evening and at bedtime is probably the easiest time to do it. If you can’t make it through the whole night, try it out for just an hour. Sit down and relax for just an hour. You can do it.
  2. Read // I have really embraced this part of my life lately. I don’t know if its because I have been reading a bunch of good books or what but I love being able to relax at night with a good book. Even if it is just a couple pages or a couple chapters, relaxing your mind and reading a book can help you decompress at night. If you need help finding books, check out my book club!
  3. Reflect // One of my favorite moments at the end of yoga is that time where you can lay down on the mat and reflect. Reflecting on the day that you had can be very important. Take some time and think about your day. Review everything that happened. Think about what you would do differently and what you would do the same. The best way to reflect would be to start journalling. If you need some help, check out the 5 Minute Journal.
  4. Meditate // This is something that I really like to do but don’t do enough. Certain types of mediation are actually shown to enhance sleep rates at night.Try to sit down every night and give yourself 10 minutes of meditation. Put on some relaxing music & de-stress. If you need some help, try using the app Headspace.
  5. Set an Alarm // This is always the last thing I do right before bed. Yay! I am actually doing something right. Even though I set my alarm on my phone (back to the unplug stage I go), I still set an alarm to make sure I am ready for the day ahead of me.

I hope that these 5 things help you have a more tranquil evening and get the most out of your time before bed. If you have any questions or extra tips, please leave a comment below!

xo, Kerri